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    Essential effects

    I've got a gig coming up with a fairly successful local band, playing a really good venue and i need to sort out my live sound properly. Essentially at short notice i've been hired to fill the gap as they've been playing with only one guitarist for around 12 months. To introduce me as a new member they want me to play the entirety of a solo to a song they previously shared between two guitarists. This is where my problem has become apparent.

    As it stands i run a Marshall JCM900 combo amp. Previously to get a volume boost, on cleans i used a compression pedal and to get a lead boost i ran a BOSS Metalcore pedal through the clean channel. This causes a lot of feedback. Running the metalcore on the distorted channel doesn't sound so good so i need to hit two pedals for solos as well.

    Recently i've been advised that overdrive sounds better than distortion, i play heavy metal (at lamb of god sorts of heavy) and i would have thought overdrive wouldn't cut it for that. I've also been told about noise gates, boost pedals and EQ pedals.

    I wondered what pedals you guys would say are essential for playing this sort of music live and getting an appropriate boost for solos. I don't necessarily need specific pedals though any that you consider particularly good would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Use lower gain settings on the metalcore pedal in conjunction with your distortion channel(like using an OD). Keep your compression pedlal and clean up the signal with an ISP decimator. Lastly control it all with midi via some kind of loop switching system. RJM's got decent stuff for this as does voodoo labs.


    grab a gsp1101 as it is designed to be used with an amp in your situation. you would need a midi controller with the 1101 but these units can be found affordably bundled
    togeather used. Pending time/money constraints this might be better.

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    Honestly I don't use pedals live at the moment. I'm going to include a couple, but it's mainly things like wah, a bit of delay, a Boss HM2 for my early Swedish death metal moments, and maybe a phaser. Everything else comes from the amp, the cleans, rhythm and lead tone.

    What channels are available to you on the JCM900? If you are using the Metalcore merely as a boost, you could probably easily get away with bringing a lot of the distortion and level down on it. Otherwise, you have the obvious suggestions of Tubescreamer-style pedals (Ibanez TS, Digitech Bad Monkey, Maxon OD etc), trebleboosters and just using an EQ to chuck the mids up a bit.

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    My instinct for the sound you're describing would be to ditch the Metalcore and go for something like an SD1 or Tubescreamer into the distortion channel (level on the pedal all the way up, gain all the way down and tone set to taste) and use a noise gate to keep it all quiet.
    Alternatively, if you don't want to buy a new pedal, run the gain on both the Metalcore and the amp at moderate levels, then keep it quiet with a gate.
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    Honestly, you could probably use the compressor as a clean boost AND a lead boost - on your clean channel, you're not using it all the time, right, just when you need a part to jump out more?
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    I've got a line boost. My plan is to run everything through the clean channel. All rhythm can be done that way with the metalcore, i can turn that off and boost the clean with the compressor if i need to play any clean stuff (unlikely for the upcoming gig) the line boost will give me the boost for the solo. I need to keep looking with the noise gate. I tried two at the shop and they weren't that great. The MXR smartgate was recommended to me but it just doesn't cut off quick enough. The BOSS noise suppressor was all right but it didn't cancel out the feedback i was hoping for. I want to try the other MXR one at some point the noise clamp and see if thats any better.

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