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    NGD: Indeed

    So Christmas comes on the Eve for me, and I made out pretty well gear-wise.

    New JJ tubes for my Rivera
    4 E34L's for the Power
    5 ECC83's for the pre - one for the phase inverter. I may stick a tung sol in v1, but the JJ is new and it may just go in there. Thanks to my GF's mom for these!

    Maxon OD808
    can't wait to try it out in front of the Rivera. I have a jobo bloody murder, but I want one OD for a boost, one as a bluesy/crunch when I'm fucking around. We'll see which one is used for each application. Thanks to my GF :-)

    Shure SE210 earphones
    not guitar-related, but awesome nonetheless. sound isolating and very clear - I like these A LOT, especially over all my previous headphones in the past (save my AKG K240 studio's that I use at home - big headphones ) - again, thanks GF's mom!

    Armani Code
    the woman wants me to smell nice - GF's mom wants me.

    Alumni license plate holder!
    graduated college, but I'm going back for an English degree. the degree I just got a few days ago is for business, which I will not use at all haha. - GF's mom, again, needs me

    I have Christmas with my parents tomorrow, so we'll see what else shows up! Nothing musical, though . Sorry for the backwards pics - I took them on my mac.
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    Are Macs built by left handed Canadians??

    Cool haul but the question needs to be asked. Is your girlfriend's mom hot?
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    I have no idea. I bet there's a way to change the pics so they are not backwards, but I don't know how to do it.

    She's a cute mom, certainly. She's young (42 I think?), and has a nice build

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    Those SE210s rock. I have a set, but I'm using my E2c phones until I... well... remember where the SE210s are.

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    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Hey fagnozzle, nice haul. I has Tung-Sols at my job if you want one for V1.
    NegaTiveXero on

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    Sweet haul dude! I have those SE210's as well, and they do indeed kick ass.

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