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Thread: Lab Series amps...

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    Lab Series amps...

    I found a few of these for sale, but I can't find a whole lot about them other than Ty Tabor used some of them and got awesome tone. The two models in question are an L4 head and an L11 head...they look pretty similar, but the L4 is slightly more. Anyone know what the differences are if any?



    They look pretty much the same to me.

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    The L4 is a bass head, so the tone centers will be different. The L11 is a guitar head.

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    The fact that Ty Tabor used them and got awesome tone doesn't say anything about the amps.

    It's Ty Tabor; he always had awesome tone.
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    Holdsworth also used to play through one of these. History wise, these were produced by Gibson/Moog in the late 70s. The Lab Series L5 seems to be the most desirable variant.

    Seconded on what Josh said because Ty and Allan are both amazing, but those amps definitely quite capable. There's a guy on YT that used post a shitload of covers with his:

    [VIDEO]]Ty Tabor Early Tone (Black The Sky) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]Rush Cover (Red Barchetta) - YouTube[/VIDEO]
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    A buddy of mine has the combo. I think its the L9.

    Its an absolutely fantastic amp. Great tone. I keep trying to buy it off him, but he wont let it go. If I ever see another in person at a reasonable price, I will snap it up.

    I thought about eBay, but I am a bit leery buying amps on eBay, especially older ones.

    I was able to get a fairly close Ty tone out of it without much effort. They are effing LOUD too. A great amp to just dime and play funky bluesish rock riffs out of.

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    There is one on eBay right now, but the prices are getting stupid. My buddy bought his at a pawn shop a few years ago and paid $150 for it.

    Lab Series Amp L9 15 in EV Speaker Gibson Norlin Moog | eBay

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    Nope, I stand corrected I just checked, my buddies is the L5. Great, now I have GAS for that amp again. He also has a strat that was setup like Ty's with the oddball pickups and switching.
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    Had one of those at the shop for a few months 2 or so years ago. L5 212 combo iirc. Awweeesome amp.

    Really popular with the (real) country guys too, as they just scream for chickinpickin and slide. It's probably an amp you would really like I think, knowing your affinity for hot greasy music.
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