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Thread: AxeFX2 Does Hotel California Solo Harmonies VIDEO

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    AxeFX2 Does Hotel California Solo Harmonies VIDEO

    Here's a version of the Hotel California main solo. All the harmonies are in realtime using the Custom scales in the pitch block. I used 6 different scales in 4 presets. The arpeggios at the end are utilizing the x/y of two presets. The first preset in the solo is using the phaser and 1 harmony. You can switch these a million different ways using miss and the MFC101. I set my MFC basically for default settings except I programmed my Trem I/A as the Pitch X/Y. So if you watch the video it shows where to do the changes. I was able to easily do the changes with the foot controller however because it is hard enough to make a video and play I decided to use Logic to do all the changes (X/Y, program changes and bypass/on states) for me.

    Of course it's not perfect. I didn't even listen to the originals while programming the custom scales(in the Global Menu) so there are bound to be mistakes. No need to tell me my intervals are incorrect. I am incorrect a lot, just ask my wife

    Have fun with's a blast! Presets are here: AxeFx 2 Does Hotel California Solo Harmonies VIDEO

    Custom Scale 1 (First 2 arpeggios at end of solo)
    A#= -4
    B= -5
    C#= -3
    D= -3
    E= -3
    F#= -4

    Custom Scale 2 (Arpeggio 3 and 4 at end of solo)
    E= -3
    C#= -4
    A= -5
    D= -3
    B= -3
    G#= -4

    Custom Scale 3 (Arpeggio 5 and 6 at end of solo)
    D= -3
    B= -4
    G= -3
    D= -3
    A= -3
    F#= -4

    Custom Scale 4 (Arpeggio 7 and 8 at end of solo)
    B= -4
    G= -3
    E= -3
    C#= -3
    A#= -4
    F#= -5

    Custom Scale 5 (first harmony lick in solo)
    F= -4(part of bend)
    F#= -4
    E= -3
    D= -3
    A= -3
    A#= -2 (bend)
    B= -2

    Custom Scale 6 (last harmony before Arpeggios)
    A#= -4
    B= -4
    F#= -4
    All others =-3. I’m not sure which notes matter but set it up like this J

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    oh look, it's mark day making everyone else feel inadequate again....


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    You're soaking up an inordinate amount of the finite talent in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesM View Post
    You're soaking up an inordinate amount of the finite talent in the world.
    Amen to that Great playing as always Mark. The AxeFX2 hole I have to explore keeps getting deeper.

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    Sounds great, and nice use of midi!

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