So I usually run a boss GE-7 in my loop, and a lot of time I also use it to quite down my amp when the family is home by turning the gain switch down. I also find that this gives my amp an awesome 'steely' sound to it, and I usually pull the gain knob all the way down to -15 and turn the amp up to about four if I'm jamming by myself. A couple questions:

1) Why does it sound so much better this way? It sound a bit more compressed I guess, and it opens up the high end and tightens the low end in a really pleasant way.

2) Am I creating a poor man's attenuator by doing this? Because I seem to like the tone I get out of the amp a whole lot more this way.

I'm using a 5150ii for refence, and I would love to know what's going on with this crazy magiks.