Gear opinions for doing the occasional show.

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Thread: Gear opinions for doing the occasional show.

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    Gear opinions for doing the occasional show.

    so long story short, my band...we're working on our 3rd album, but we have yet to play shows. why? well, because we dont have a full band. I play both bass and guitar on the albums, but, being primarily a bassist, I have shit for guitar gear. So, I don't need to break the bank, but what would be some solid equipment to only use for the poccasional show? I was thinking the hd500, but would you need a power amp for that, or can it go direct to the PA? any other suggestions are welcome.

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    If I was just buying one thing for the occasional show, I would use one of these two setups:

    1)find a 5150/6505/etc combo and whatever bare minimum effects
    2)get a crate power block, avatar 2x12, and modeler of choice

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    How many sounds and what sort of complexity/tones do you need? Also, what kind of volume?
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    ah, good point. The band is actually mostly a progressive rock band, with some elements of need to be fairly diverse. A solid metal tone is always good, but I'm going to be making use of many effects too. I would also like to combine some effects to make some really....different...tones, like those made by King Crimson, and on occasion, Steven Wilson. Obviously, not the exact same, as that wouldnt really be progressive....but you get the idea. I would need the set up to do more than just hi gain face melting metal, and clean.

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    I think you already know my advice on this...
    Nice modeler plus power amp plus nice 2x12.
    Good for practice, recording direct, or occasional jam/gig. But I'm also gassing for the jet city jca22h to add a little tube goodness. I'm sure most would also agree that a used 5150 is a great deal and lots of metal tone for $500 to $600. Let me know if you want to test drive my rig sometime. I think the modeler is the way to go for your style of music.
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    If you're playing guitar live, who's playing bass?

    If you're looking for a huge tonal variety, a high-end modeler will get you there. If you're looking for a huge tone... well... tubes

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    I would say a modeler like an HD500 a solidstate poweramp and a 2X12 cabinet. That is going to be a minimum bare bones rig for that type of music.

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