Axe-Fx II Version 7.0 Aliasing Tests

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Thread: Axe-Fx II Version 7.0 Aliasing Tests

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    Axe-Fx II Version 7.0 Aliasing Tests

    Pretty good read, though Cliff is much smarter than the average gearhead.

    Aliasing Tests Ver 2.0

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    Cliff is like a mad scientist with a penchant for guitar playing and modelling. And that's awesome.

    I'm assuming brand L is Line 6, K is the Kemper, and D is...Digidesign for the Eleven Rack or something?

    Either way, pretty interesting results. I'm surprised at the Kemper's response.

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    Thanks for the heads up!!

    Connor: Thanks for the head up, I was wondering about those... I thought it was Line 6 and Digitech, but wasn't sure about the K. Good call on Kemper.
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    And Cliff shows what I knew to be true through proper testing. Elevens have ZERO audible aliasing regardless of how retarded the usage may be, whereas I can indeed force such artifacts with the Kemper (albeit not in the actual "normal" use of the unit). The algorithms for the Kemper are being tweaked to reduce aliasing, which should be done in time for the next OS version. Considering the monster upgrade the Axe II was in comparison to the Axe I in terms of algorithms, then I am not surprised at all regarding how well it performs.
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