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Thread: AKG 271 woes

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    AKG 271 woes

    By necessity I mix a lot on headphones. I wanted to get a neutral pair of closed ones, and following reviews I chose ALG 271s. However, they sound really strange, extremely tinny with very low bass and exagerrated treble. They're not meant for listening, but I always like the way things sound in my monitors which are also supposed to be neutral.

    Also they seem very hard to drive, at maximum volume on my macbook the level is ok, but that's at 0 db so it's difficult to gain stage...

    I'm thinking the outpu level might be the problem, maybe a headphone amp would fix both level and drive the lower registers better? If so, any tips on what to get (that's preferably not too expensive).

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    I've got a Rolls HA43 that cost me about $30. Runs 4 headphones and is loud as hell.

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