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Thread: Laney factory tour

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    Laney factory tour

    A few weeks ago, my band were lucky enough to be asked to join the Laney roster, so yesterday I took a trip up to the Laney factory in the West Midlands for a tour. Really cool bunch of guys that work there, they all spent loads of time talking to me about what they do, how it is to work there and some of the experiences they've had over the years.

    Managed to grab a few pics as I went round, didn't want to spend the whole like a Japanese tourist but I thought it might be interesting for everyone to see.

    This is the main workshops where the amps are put together.

    Once they're assembled, they're hand tested to make sure that everything meets set tolerances. This guy has been at the company 25+ years and knows pretty much everything there is to know about what's going on in there.

    Once they've been tested, they hit this rack awaiting stress testing. This is the current run of TI100 Tony Iommi amps that they were working on.

    After the rack, they're stressed tested on this rig for 12+hrs, with a simulation of being played at variable volumes/loads.

    And here is the coolest job in the factory, hand testing every single one. This guy is known as 'Golden Ears', he spots dodgy tubes etc, but has been known to catch pots that are underperforming by milivolts, by ear!!!! The rig he's testing here is the LH50 which was due to be shipped out to Italy for Pat Smear from the Foo Fighters

    This is where I had my fun, the showroom. We hooked up the Ironheart to the Toni Iommi cabs, these things kick serious ass. They have Celestion G12h 75's in them, which have the low-end shifted up slightly to give them more punch. They're oversized like a Mesa, and they weigh a tonne!!!!

    And just because

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    fucking awesome. golden ears!

    congrats btw

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    Wirelessly posted (HTC G2)


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    I tried one of the Ironhearts the other day, one of the valves was in the process of crapping out and it still sounded awesome.

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    Nice! I'm hoping that I'll be able to try Pete's (Peteus) Ironheart this weekend.


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    I wish I still had my AOR 100

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    I'd love a nice little 20 watt Lionheart.

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    Interesting that they use toroidal transformers on the TI amps. Much lighter, but the "big iron" crowd claim it doesn't sound as good.
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