Anyone played a 50w 5150-iii?

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Thread: Anyone played a 50w 5150-iii?

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    Anyone played a 50w 5150-iii?

    I've been impressed as hell with the big brother, but the 50w has midi which would be easier for what I'm planning. But, I want to know how different it is to the 100w in terms of sound. I just can't find anywhere that has them in stock here.
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    They are killer They are a LOUD 55 Watts FWIW

    Also the shared 1st channel kind of limits you to either 1+3 or 2+3 for channels. I was able to over come that with a high level compressor on the 1st channel to make up the the volume difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    But, I want to know how different it is to the 100w in terms of sound.
    From what I've seen based on multiple sources is that the blue (2nd) channel on the older 100w version does not have as much gain as the 50w version is capable of providing and the clean channel on the 100w (oddly enough) doesn't have as much headroom as the clean on the 50w version, it tends to break up sooner. I haven't played the 100w version but I own a 5150 III 50w head and the thing is killer. Very versatile, the gain is fantastic and the clean channel is great (far cry from the "cleans" on a Peavey 5150/5150 II). If you're on the fence about buying one, I'd say go for it. Also no worries about the wattage, the thing is LOUD and has plenty of headroom. I love mine!

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    I'v been craving one of these mofos.
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    I have one and I think it's like the best sounding tube amp I've played. I sold my Mesa Mark IV because I felt this sounded better to me and the music I play. It also has a great volume knob in that you can jam in your room and then still play extremely loudly while sounding good.

    It's great though. Ch1 and 2 share EQ and there is a slight volume jump but I find if you set the EQ and gain for CH2 then you can use the volume on the guitar to lower the gain on ch1 and you can get some seriously awesome cleans.

    Ch2 is 80s hard rock/hair metal/thrash metal/whatever else. Can go from AC/DC to metallica levels of gain. Great sounding channel and this ch2 has more gain than the 100W ch2 as confirmed on RigTalk by the guy who designed it.

    Ch3 is all your modern metal sounds. Very very responsive and insanely tight without a boost. Use the fx loop switch and jump the loop on the back and you've got a boost now.

    Midi is great option for the future and the resonance knob is pretty killer. What's also great is that you can dial in a sound very very easily and enjoy playing versus tweaking the shit out the amp (my mark IV) and spending more time on that. The footswitch is also pretty clever in that it uses a standard guitar cable to switch. They also include a thick Neutrick cab cable for your cabinet.

    I'm in love with mine and don't regret selling the Mark IV at all.

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    Thanks for the input guys

    Sounds like it could be a go-er then. I'm not fussed about the shared EQ, I'd only use the clean on ch1/2 anyway, plus I know 50w can be hellishly loud. It was more clean headroom/voicing differences I was interested in, and from what you say it sounds good. Plus I can score one new for 700, and used 5150-ii/6505+ seem to be in the 500-600 range. Adding in the saving of not needing a midi switcher, I say it's a no-brainer.

    So, now to get that 700 together...

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    I still want one of these. Perhaps one day I'll sell my 5150ii. . .
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