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    New Cab Day!

    Post fella dropped this off today.

    Was a bargain, so I could not resist. I'm not even gigging at the moment...

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    So, what does it sound like?
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    It only arrived an hour ago and my neighbours will die if I dime it. However at 'house volume' it sounds a lot better than I would expect. Bass response is good and handles high mids well.

    I've tried my Custom 24 Navarro and my RG560 through it and both sounded sweet. Haven't tried any pedals yet.

    My head got re-tubed a few months ago with winged Cs and some decent preamp tubes, so it sounds pretty meaty even with just preamp gain.

    I will report back when I get to dime it.

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    Very nice!
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    Just curious, how do the Jet City amps handle modern metal?

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    Well I don't play 'modern metal', so I couldn't really help you fella.

    I just like the fact that its a dirty two channel amp and has controls an idiot can tweak i.e. me.

    The Jet City stuff is nice and cheap, dirty tones and easy to mod. So for me as I tend to play dives, pubs and sweat pits. It means I don't have to worry about it getting trashed as it is a cheap bit of kit to replace and a very simple circuit to fix if it goes belly up.

    Up until now I had only ever gigged it with the matching 2x12 cab which I have used for a couple of years now and its been a solid bit of gigging equipment all round.

    My best tip is ditch the stock valves and spend a few quid on some good quality ones. I also changed the controls knobs to chicken heads as its easier to tweak it when you are under stage lighting if you can see where they controls are dialled to.

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    nice score. always curiuos about these cabs. might grab the 1x12 or 2x12. how did you like the 212?

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    The 2x12 is very directional as mine is a closed back. Its like a cannon! I always get told to turn down by sound engineers when I play live, usually I just turn it up and angle it away from them.

    Sound wise they are pretty neutral and great bang for the buck.

    I was going to change the speakers, but the Eminence ones it comes with are pretty good. They like any speaker system, need to be worn in a bit to really appreciate them.

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