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Thread: Pedal vs Amp Distortion

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    Pedal vs Amp Distortion

    Okay, I've spent quite awhile experimenting with pedals and tube/ combo amps, and I've yet to find a really good distortion quality that isn't too muddy. What I'm getting at is, should I be looking for an amp with good built in distortion modes or should I keep the fender tube amp that I have now and look more for a solid distortion pedal?
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    Amp is the way to go, my suggestion would be Peavey 5150.
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    I guess fender will not make it for you dude... try to look for other amps...
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    Depends on the amp. 5150s sound best by themselves. Rectos and Marshalls sound best with a tube screamer out front. There is no one right or wrong way; it really depends on what gear you have and what sound you're going for.
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    Get a Marshall JCM800 and a Tube screamer.

    You're welcome.
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    thanks, I just bought a MXR Fullbore Metal pedal. Returning it soon for a refund, its pretty much a glorified fuzzbox

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    If you're looking for clarity you should start with pickups. If you're looking for just "good/great/awesome/fat/heavy/whatever" distortion, you can definitely get it from either pedals or amp distortion. Most people would disagree with me, but honestly there are a lot of really good distortion pedals out there, but a lot of really bad ones that don't sound like a real amp too.
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    Good valve amp distortion plus an overdrive works for me.

    However if you like that tight processed gain like Satch then use a clean amp and a distortion pedal. Tends to be a bit tighter that way.

    My G2D Morpheus pedal does a really tight Mesa type distortion and it works best with a clean amp.

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