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Thread: FRFR, Cab, or Both?

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    FRFR, Cab, or Both?

    I've got an AxeFX II and my plan has always been to go FRFR with a single monitor, but now that I'm getting a cab for my HT-20 (for my home jamming rig with lots of pedals) I'm curious about maybe changing things. Having a cab is a nice comfort for me though to be honest, but means that I'd have to run a different output to the FOH meaning I won't know what tones are really coming out to the audience, where as I would know how I sound out there with FRFR. My AxeFX will obviously give me the most tonal versatility, so if my cab limits my tone shaping too much, maybe I should go with just FRFR?

    I've also thought about just doing both. Bring a 2x12 for behind me and an FRFR for in front. Thoughts?
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    If you can afford it, then I'd say both. Shape your tone at home for both rigs, then just take the can to the gig and you should already know how the FRFR sounds, so FOH should be pretty close.


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    Just sell your ht20 and get a frfr speaker,where jamming at lower volumes gives you the same tone as if you were cranking your amp. I personally recommend the mackie hd1221. Do not,i repeat,do not get the qsc kw112. I hated it.

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    One passive Atomic Reactor has always been satisfactory for me for stage volume etc.

    I'm dabbling with adding a traditional 1x12 for monitoring and as a crutch for dick soundmen who won't run me direct to FOH. The patches will stay tweaked as they are with FRFR in mind, with that signal panned to one side and sent to the FRFR cab. I have a DI box which I offer at the front of my rig with that panned (fully processed) signal for easy direct connection to FOH.

    I'll split off the signal before the cab blocks and pan that hard to the other side for my 1x12. I'll add a PEQ block to adjust overall EQ as necessary to sound good when miked up. And one of each speaker will go on each side of the stage for stereo spread and so we don't have to worry about monitoring.

    This way I dont give up versatility, but in the event they do mike my 1x12, I'll just make sure the tone rocks at that speaker too, even if it's not my dream tone. Either way, I do know what's going to the audience.

    And I'll probably put the 1x12 on the other side of the stage so that A) I always listen to my direct tone, and B) I'll make the soundman run my mike to the other side of the stage if he doesn't want to plug me direct to FOH...

    Hope that helps.
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    Wirelessly posted (HTC G2)

    I would go with a guitar cab, but that's just me.
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    so far I really like using a power amp and real cabs better.
    the Mackie HD's are pretty cool but were too loud for my home use.
    Atomic and MAtrrix have new ones (FRFR) on the way that may change the game though.
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    Blankplank: I think eventually I will end up doing both, to be honest. But for now I think I'll START with just a single Alto TS115a, eventually getting a cab and power amp too. I'll set up the rig at home and experiment with what I dig.

    eugeneelgr: I'm not sure you understand my setup. The HT-20 is a head that is for jamming at home, doing pedal demos, and just a good backup rig. If I run the AxeFX II into a cab it goes through a power amp, a separate power amp, not the one in the HT-20. I'm talking about running an AxeFX II into an FRFR monitor AND into a power amp and cab. Also the tone is not the same... the AxeFX will not get that "cranked amp" sound by turning up the master output, and of course it won't sound "worse" or "different" when you turn the master output down, like with an amp. BUT the physics still apply, and FRFR will not be the same sound at low volumes as it will cranked, as although there won't be tone coloring like with an amp, more volume = more treble. That's just the way sound works.

    Soopahmahn: Could you explain a bit more? I get how you pan two different signals in the AxeFX II, but where does the DI box come in, define front? And I usually just plug the XLR's into the snake, should I be using a DI instead?

    When you say you use a PEQ to make it sound good when it's mic'd up, are you saying that you mic up the cab yourself at shows (in the same spot every time) and then PEQ the mic'd up sound, or do you just PEQ it without a mic so that it sounds awesome on stage and/or close to the FRFR signal you're getting and THEN mic it up and let the sound guy do whatever?

    Why would you want the cab on the other side of the stage if you said you want to hear what's going out to the stage? If they mic your cab instead, then you won't hear what the audience is hearing. Unless you mean you just want to be aware of the FOH sound if they mic you up, knowing that you've still got a sound you like up front even if you don't get to hear it while you're playing?

    Also thanks!

    Toshiro: Yeah I get why people do it, but I'm not sure I want to do JUST a cab. It's either the FRFR or both. Thanks for your input!

    kanick: When do these new ones come out? I was just gonna buy an Alto TS115a as the HD1221's sound great, but some people have had them just crap out, seems like issues with quality control. Plus it's heavy and expensive.

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