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    Need Advice and Opinions

    I play a Gibson Flying V, Dean V, Gibson SG & a Stoneman V. For years I have used EMG 85 and 81 pickups and a Boogie Dual Rec. The classic metal setup. However, I have never been completely satisfied with these pickuos. They always seemed a bit dry to me. I would like to replace the pickups in my guitars but cannot decide on the following. Tom Anderson H3, Seymour Duncan Invaders, Michael Schenker Lights Out, Bare Knuckle War Pig. Any thoughts, comments or preferably experience with any of these pickups?

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    I'm sure the guys on here will tell you the War Pigs are phenomenal. If you want it to not sound dry, get the Alnico version. Of that bunch, I'd go with the Warpig
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    the Anderson H3, i own pretty much every BKP pickups all great, but the H3 has such an organic tone yet smooth and very very that pickup!
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    Like the EMG tone but not as dry? This is pretty much how I find Blackouts (with some subtle differences).


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    This is so horribly subjective. Of those, I liked the Anderson H3 and H3+, tho I prefer the Suhr Aldrich, which is somewhat similar, but more "muscular" to the Anderson's "pretty" (to my ears). Donnie had the H3 in one of his guitars for a bit, too.

    But I'll tell ya, if you like your metal a little scoopy, but still with good lower mids, the Smit's Handwound Guitar Pickups "Dirty Boy" bridge pickup is pretty fun. It's modeled after the famed Gibson "Dirty Fingers" pickup from the 70's. He has just started offering his pickups with rails as well. Kevin handwinds everything, is very knowledgeable, and very easy to talk to. He has a variety of higher output modern winds, too, with different tonal profiles, all VERY reasonably priced. I have his ridiculous 20k "dB Sig" in a Carvin TL, and I like that one a lot, too. He wound an 16k A8 Modern wind for me as well, that Donnie also liked for a time.

    For a more "old school Metallica" sound, the Wolfetone Pickups BlisterBucker is pretty sweet. It's not screaming with output, but it has good, woody chunk, and tons of detail. It's kind of the opposite of the Dirty Boy, with a slight dip in the lower mids in favor of some upper mid grind. I have one of these paired with his Grey Wolf neck pickup (somewhat similar to a Duncan Pearly Gates) in 2 of my Carvins. Wolfe is more of a vintage style guy, but is very cool, and very knowledgeable.

    Just a pair of suggestions if you're looking for something off the beaten path. I personally didn't care for the BKPs I've tried (Warpig, Nailbomb, Painkiller 7s, and Holy Diver), but YMMV.

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