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Thread: distortion pedal for technical sludge/thrash?

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    distortion pedal for technical sludge/thrash?

    Hey folks,

    I play in band that predominately plays Sludge metal that's slightly technical and has the occasional thrash and or doom riff.

    I'm looking for a distortion pedal that can give me the high crunchy gain but have a well balanced low end.

    Gear I currently use -

    Epiphone SoCal 50 all tube head.
    Ibanez RG321 with Lundgren M6 pickups.
    MXR Zakk Wylde Overdrive (used with amp distortion).
    MXR Noise Clamp.

    I've looked around online at about 15 different pedals and their reviews but I want to hear from other metal players and their advice.

    If anyone could help me out with any pedal advice it would be much appreciated.


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    Wampler triple wreck. That's my 2cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin25 View Post
    Wampler triple wreck. That's my 2cents.

    and a pedal demo by Ola to top it off.
    I play Suhrs, not poor people guitars. -Chris

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