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    Eleven Rack?

    I did a search before posting to see if there was a consensus on whether or not the Eleven Rack was worth buying. I didn't find anything conclusive, so I ask...

    Any of you guys used the Eleven Rack? If so would you recommend it?

    Obviously if I had 2 grand lying around I would grab the AFXII

    I like the tones a lot people are getting from the POD HD as well, so that would be another option.

    The biggest reason I'm leaning towards the Eleven Rack is twofold. It upgrades my current interface, and old Mbox 2. And one retailer, AMS, is including an upgrade to PT10. I'm still rocking 8

    Thoughts anyone?

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    the tones aren't bad. but i didn't have such a
    great experience pairing it with a 2:90. with/without
    cab sims it was meh. if you can get it for cheap
    and you like it, then go for it. AFAIK, there is no available
    standalone editor. you have to run ProTools if you want to
    control it from your pc.

    it does the job well as an interface and given enough tweaking
    it can pull off decent recorded tones. live though, the ultra
    kills it. so an Axe II would be a better alternative, since it also
    doubles as an interface. i wish this capability was launched with
    the ultra though, even if i bought ane AxeFx II i couldn't share
    patches between it and the Ultra.
    ". . . . . . . ."

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