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Thread: NAD: Pod HD (Now every day is Bean Day)

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    NAD: Pod HD (Now every day is Bean Day)

    After finally getting my HT-5 returned, I took advantage of Musician's Friend's Labour Day sale and ordered a Pod HD bean From what I've messed with today, I'm really impressed. The sims feel good so far, and I haven't had any trouble dialing in useable tones from scratch (the presets really do suck, though). I'm only expecting it to get better as I really figure everything out and start tweaking.

    When I first fired it up (just plugged in and using headphones) I noticed it was really noisy. After I moved it to its home and ran it through my computer speakers, it was fine. From what I could look up, it sounds like the Pod isn't grounded, so the hum will be there if it's not plugged into anything that is grounded. Kind of a bummer if that's the case, but it could just be the wiring or fusebox in my house. I wasn't planning on using it just with headphones much though, so it's all good

    All in all I'm really stoked about this. I couldn't be happier so far, and it suits my needs so much better than a tube amp could right now. I'll try running it through a power section and cabs and see how it sounds. If I start gigging again in the future, I'll probably get a Pro and a poweramp. I'll try and record some stuff when my pickups finally show up for my 8 string

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    Congrats! I see you also have the proper computer to be using with it as well.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    big pimpin
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    Wirelessly posted

    Congrats! Got my HD400 updated yesterday, had a blast with the SLO100.
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    Congrats dude!

    My HD Bean is arriving in the mail today to finally replace a trusty old XT Pro.

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    Try the handjob patch!

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    Nice one!
    Other than 1 being rack mounted and this one made for being on a desk, are there any real differences between these and the POD HD Pros?

    Im sold on getting one asap but its not going to leave my home so don’t need a rack mounted unit specifically.

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