Axe-Fx II Fw 8.00 is up

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Thread: Axe-Fx II Fw 8.00 is up

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    Axe-Fx II Fw 8.00 is up

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    shite, does this guy EVER sleep??

    Improved phase inverter modeling provides “juicier” tone when PI is driven hard (MSTR set high).

    Authentic Presence control modeling. The Presence control in the Amp block now behaves like the actual amp rather than an idealized version. The Presence Frequency parameter is now a frequency multiplier rather than an absolute frequency as the frequency of the presence circuit depends on the Presence control position. The Presence Frequency parameter works by scaling the value of the virtual presence circuit’s capacitor value. NOTE: Any presets created with earlier firmware versions will have the Presence Frequency parameter reset to 1.0. Setting the Pres/Depth Type parameter to Active or Active Pres will override the authentic modeling and implement an ideal presence circuit with fixed center frequency.

    Doubled resolution of internal amp matching data.

    Added input matching data to many amp models. While this may not be audible in many cases, especially for higher gain amps, it does affect the feel.

    When setting preset/IR name, character selection Quick Knobs now wrap around.

    Added RESOLUTION parameter to Tone Matching block. In HIGH mode the resolution of the processing is doubled. Note that this doubles the CPU usage of the block. Presets created with earlier firmware are unaffected since the data has always been stored at high resolution.

    Improved high-frequency matching performance in Tone Matching block.

    New IMART (Intelligent Maximum-Likelihood Adaptive Real-Time) pitch detectors provide greatly improved pitch detection. Pitch detectors can now track complex chords. The Pitch Source parameter in the Pitch blocks has been changed to simply “Global” or “Local”. In either mode the tracking performance is the same, only the source of the pitch data is changed. The Pitch blocks benefit significantly from this improvement. Many presets that previously only worked with single notes now work with chords, even complex chords. Note, however, that intelligent pitch shifting is necessarily only single notes, by definition.

    Reduced latency in Pitch block when performing negative shifts.

    Improved Tuner as a result of improved pitch detection.

    Improved CPU usage for most presets.

    Added “Super Trem” amp model based on a Supro 1964T.

    Added “Atomica Low” and “Atomica High” amp models based on Cameron Atomica.

    Added “Deluxe Tweed” amp model based on a Fender 5E3 Deluxe. Note that this amp only has a single tone control. This is modeled by the Treble control in the Axe-Fx II. The Bass and Mid controls are functional and recreate the amp when set to noon. Also note that this amp suffers from extreme blocking distortion at or near maximum gain. This is common in very old designs.
    As it is virtually unplayable like this, the model uses a somewhat reduced level of grid conduction to lower the amount of blocking distortion and make the amp more playable at high Drive settings.

    Changed “Solo 88 Rhythm” model so that bright switch is engaged by default.

    Updated “Sure Weasel” model based on revised information. Model is now called “Suhr Badger”.

    Added Log 20A and Log 5A taper options to Volume block.

    Fixed bug in Reverb block causing incorrect settings for Hall types.

    Fixed Drive block popping on bypass/engage.

    Fixed Dynamics parameter in Amp block being set incorrectly for older presets.

    Fixed Edited LED not lighting when resetting

    Amp block EQ via Enter button.

    TMA block Reference Solo warning message now flashes in all menus.
    could this be...finally a usefull tuner?

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    fuelling my gas, i've been trying to pick one of these up used but i reckon im just going to buy off of G66 if i dont here anything this week!

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    I thought we were going to 7.01
    geez this guy is relentless
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    fuelling my gas, i've been trying to pick one of these up used but i reckon im just going to buy off of G66 if i dont here anything this week!
    After you said look on Gumtree I saw an Axe 2 and the floorboard for about 1400, I think it was in Bradford.

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    indeed i have emailed that guy as im going down to newcastle on saturday - he hasnt got back to me

    i also found 3 others all of which were scam artists!

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    that was fast

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    My god, that's a lot of updates. 7.0 only came out a couple of weeks ago, no?

    Cliff is incredible.

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