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Thread: A pretty sweet Double NGD

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    A pretty sweet Double NGD

    Time for a bit of a pic story as we go along. I needed to buy something from Musicians Friend, but also had a nice little extra score along the way! I'm so stoked!

    First we have a half-opened package just sitting outside my door. I see a Musicians Friend label too...

    Popped it open and it revealed yet another box!! Mmmm, this one looks good!

    Ahhhh that looks so good...

    And finally it's ready to go. Can't wait to start programming this with my AxeFX!! I went way too long without having a foot controller and while I could get by just fine, it's just not the same. Now I have patch switching and pedal switching all at the same time, plus two expression pedals which is nice. One for volume and one for whatever I want like wah, whammy, whatever. Stoked!

    Along the way I also picked up a little something from my lead singer. He plays acoustic and is sings in our band of course, but used to play a lot of electric as well, not anymore. He had this old Boss GT-8 sitting around in the closet and he never used it. We use a lot of effects in our band on keys, vocals, acoustic, bass and electric but he never expressed any interest in using it for his acoustic or vocals. I asked if I could borrow it to mess with and he said sure. I'll probably end up buying it if he wants to sell it for cheap enough, so I can have the AxeFX rig, an analog rig (HT-20, Avatar 2x12 and pedals) and then have another backup rig (GT-8) that I can use too. Yes!

    Don't have the ability to test either of them out until tomorrow, but I can't wait! Thanks for reading.
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    I have always loved Boss's FX and cleans

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    ME: Ibanez RG2228
    MB: Schecter Stiletto Studio
    Rig: Fractal Audio AxeFX II

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    I'm actually really looking forward to trying out the Boss unit, Tim. The cleans are cool and there's some really nice sounds in the YouTube demos as well!

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