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    Peters FSM Clips

    Today I spent some time with my pal Mike from Redambergreen (Amber Peacock | Facebook) doing some guitar tracking for clips for my FSM.

    We managed to get a fair bit done, and there's two clips that were completely finished today. I'll be updating this thread with the others when I get them .

    Here's what we had:

    AJC custom singlecut with J S Moore V-59/V-1 set (I think.. it's been a while)
    Fender US deluxe tele w/ J S Moore "tex special/vintage" set
    LTD MH-1000 deluxe with EMG 81/85 tuned to drop Bb

    Peters FSM head into JCM800 412 (G12-65's)
    SM75, Pro Tools.

    Please keep in mind that I did everything on the spot, so the playing isn't super tight. I may make more clips and try to be more organized next time

    Global settings were: master volume at 2, channel volume at 3.5.

    The two clips I'm posting are a tele/singlecut clip and the metal clip.

    Tele/Singlecut: dampening at half, depth and presence off, EQ flat, edge switch on, master at 2, channel vol at 3.5 and gain at 8. Yes, gain on 8 for that clean intro . Singlecut bridge and neck pickups for the solo.

    LTD: Dampening at 5, depth and presence off, flat EQ, both crunch and edge switches engaged.

    More to come this week after Mike cleans them up a bit! Feedback welcome.

    MP3 Player SoundClick

    MP3 Player SoundClick

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    Sounds pretty good, dude!

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    I'm no so much a fan of the slightly crispy cleanish chords, but those leads and the metal toan coming out of that beast are legendary. I want to try it out, BAD!
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    Wirelessly posted

    We should do that!

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