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Thread: Here's what ALL O' DIS SOUND LKE, GURL

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    Here's what ALL O' DIS SOUND LKE, GURL

    [VIDEO]]Decapitated Nihility (Intro Medley) Randall RM100, Ibanez TS-5 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    What you're hearing from this video that was recorded with a 7 year old digital camera is:

    Randall RM100

    Rivera Knucklehead K412T cabinet with Vintage30 60 watt speakers

    Ibanez TS-5 Bodenhamer modded

    Boss NS-2

    Cables are almost all Mogami/Neutrik.

    Nick (also known as TheSixthWheel on was kind enough to gift the TS-5 to me since he wasn't using it. It's a neat pedal.

    I shot this video for him and Ryan also since a long way back Ryan said I should cover some Decapitated since my guitar has a single EMG 81 and a Schaller floyd rose

    Remember guys: incoming NGD , you're going to need raybans again

    Edit: I know you guys don't judge but it should be known that I haven't had time to play guitar at all virtually this year...I have had the time to buy shit though I play occasionally but I don't practice and play through songs over and over like I used to
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