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Thread: Pics: MFC-101 StompLabels from

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    Pics: MFC-101 StompLabels from

    These guys are awesome:

    Their website is being worked on due to some server issues, but that aside - 100% awesome customer service from Sascha and Christian. I sent them an email, they got right back to me and less than a week later the labels showed up. They look fantastic and are extremely well made.

    Here's my old MFC-101 "label" setup, courtesy of a labelmaker at work.

    And here it is with the StompLabels on it. My first two rows are presets and since I'm a boring bastard, the labels I have on there are all I ever really use.

    This is the Axe-Edit set, and it came with a bunch more along with an Amp X/Y:

    I'd definitely recommend picking up a set. They're magnetic, and go under the retaining nut on the I/O switches so that if you're gigging, you don't have to worry about booting one into the audience. The coating on them looks like it'll hold up to spilling plenty of beer on them as well. That's sure a hell of a lot easier to see!

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    I have a set based on the Axe-Edit graphics and they are indeed awesome. Well worth the price.

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    I mean...

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    (How do you set up your patches? I want labels for my Behringer but doesn't that mean I have to set up all my patches in pretty much the same way in order for the labels to have a point?)
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    Way better. That looks much more visually useful, anyway, since your eyes are going to relate a pattern and color to the effect label. I'm pretty sure that's the point, though.

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