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Thread: NAD: Things are about to get stupid

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    NAD: Things are about to get stupid

    Behold the EVH 5150iii 50w head.
    Do I need to say more?

    I got a killer deal at GC today & couldn't pass it up. The tones. THE TONES!
    And Jesus, this thing is LOUD! I discovered that it's midi programmable too so I can use my M13 pedal to change channels and junk.

    Channel 1 is a decent clean. Since ch1/2 share eq, gain & volume, there's a bit of give and take.
    Channel 2 is super versatile in that I can get super saturated tones & roll off for a nice clean. It's the jack of all trades channel that sounds great no matter how you dial it in. I've been learning a half dozen VH tunes this week, so I couldn't help but crank up the phaser & plate reverb & have at it. It was instant EVH 1977. Eruption & all the classics never sounded so good.
    Channel 3 is just over the top, yet usable, gain. There is no mid gain settings here. This is the TAKE NO PRISONERS channel. Note my gain settings in the picture. This has so much on tap, you've got to be sparing & proceed with caution. Creamy, compressed lead tones for days & even with my noise gate in the FX loop, I had lots of sustained notes.

    I'll give this a proper go at band rehearsal tomorrow, but my initial thoughts have lived up to the hype of this being one badass rock/metal monster.

    And just for giggles, I tried this thing through it at the store.

    Don't worry. I didn't buy it. I still have no idea if the neck dives south as I played it seated. Suprisingly though, it sounded and played nice.

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    Such a little monster.

    What were your thoughts and that big ugly monster? Was it dive city or what? I know you played it seated, but sometimes you can feel it running away!

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    NICE! that is the new amp of the month

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    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    Dat RACK.

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    I am jealous because you have, without doubt got to play yours for longer than I've got to play mine. How's the volume jump between channel 1 & 2 been treating you? it was pretty severe when I took a stab at it.
    Dances With Cables.

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    Opening this thread gave me a pretty good lol. So much awesome

    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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    Holy shit. Dude, are those things in every fucking guitar center now? (the Dean)

    Nice amp though. I've thaught about trying one out before.

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