Now THIS is a huge rack.

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Thread: Now THIS is a huge rack.

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    Now THIS is a huge rack.

    Holy shit!

    [VIDEO]]Now This Is A Huge Rack!!! - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Insane. Prunes & Custard pedal? Does it sound like old people's breakfast?

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    That's the first time I've seen that sort of pedal setup in a rack. Holy shit!
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    i *like* doing that type of stuff, something
    i discovered while putting together my own
    rigs. i would not mind assembling rigs for a
    living. that was excellent.
    ". . . . . . . ."

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    *not the kind of huge rack I was hoping for...

    That's pretty crazy! I'd never have the patience to fiddle around with all the variety of setting you could get out of something like that!

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    Much better.

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    Good lord. I wonder how much its all worth

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