Using Multi-FX Unit as Noisegate/Tubescreamer

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Thread: Using Multi-FX Unit as Noisegate/Tubescreamer

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    Using Multi-FX Unit as Noisegate/Tubescreamer


    I am planning on using a multi-fx unit like the Pod XT live or similar in front of the amp for noisegate, tubescreamer, wah, possibly some delay (not the most ideal position in the effects chain, might leave that out). Has anybody tried that? It might seem like a rather basic question, but all of this time I've just been running my guitar into an NS-2 straight into a head, never experimented much with gizmos like these. Since I'm probably playing a different amp at our next gig, i thought this might be a nice solution, since the amp definitely requires something Tubescreamerish to clean it up. I am one of the few dudes who doesn't own a TS-like pedal, shame on me.

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    I used my GSP this way when I still had it and my V2. It worked perfectly fine. Keep in mind though, all noisegates are not created equal.

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    Noisegates on multi fx units seem to get a bad rap. that's what worries me.

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    Answer= buy an axe-fx to use as noise gate!

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    I have a friend in a very good band doing exactly this and it works very well. Runs into a Jubilee head. I doubt he's even using the noise gate, you may wish to consider its necessity...
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    I run the 4-cable method with my HD500 and my triple rectifier. The noise gate and the overdrive on the HD500 are very good and work really well with my amp.

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    Just get a nice OD and delay pedal. You'll save money and tone

    I've got one amp with a rack effect unit (TC.E. GSharp), and another set-up with a head and some pedals (including a Boss DD3). The differences aren't too noticeable to me, actually, in a live setting.

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    Thanks for all your feedback. I'll give it a shot. I'll take the NS2 with me just in case.

    @ Leon: That was the plan long term. Right now i'm just bust out of cash and a friend offered to lend me a pod xt or boss gt for this kind of solution, and i thought i might just give it a try.

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