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Thread: Creating own sound by speakers

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    Creating own sound by speakers

    Despite the fact that I play guitar merely a year I'm meditating about creating my own sound. You know many famous players had their own models of speakers, like one of my hero's Randy Rhoads. On guitargeek you can read he had altec speakers.

    My thing is (oldschool) heavy metal, yeah mostly. I'll be probably getting a custom cabinet after some time so I'm thinking what speakers to choose?

    It'll be probably 2x12, cause I don't have much space in my room.

    I don't know if I want Celestions, cause majority of players uses them (at least in Poland). I'm thinking about Jensen, cause they are quite unpopular. On the webpage of this brand of cabinets i read that for example Jensen C12K gives you fat and heavy tone and it's good for hard/heavy. What do you think. Might it be good for heavy metal and sometimes some clean?

    What else can you reccomend?
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    Honestly, don't overthink it. If you've been playing a year, my advice would be to KEEP playing, try out as much different gear as you can, figure out what you like and what you don't like, and gradually start buying the gear you like.

    The thing is, only part of the picture is the gear. A lot of it is how you set it, what sort of tones you dial in, etc. I'm recording an album now and my "main" rig, an Ibanez Universe into a Mesa Roadster, isn't that different from John Petrucci's setup for his solo album. However, no one would ever confuse our tones - we use different settings and get very different results (the fact he's a little better than me doesn't hurt either, haha).

    One of the interesting things about the last MG Gearfest was when Chris, Leon, and I were all jamming on one of Rob's builds with pickups he'd would - we all sounded VERY different on the guitar, not just in the way we phrased or anything but in the actual "sond" of the instrument. It's often forgotten how much of "your" tone just comes from how you touch and fret the guitar. Focus on that for now, and learn to get the best sound out of what you have now - that will help you down the road when you do identify the rig you want, to make sure you as a player can get the best sound possible from it.
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    Thank you, Drew. You're absolutely right - the player is the most important part. I've forgotten about it. Although it's really 'magic', the fact that every guitarist sounds different but not better or worse, just different, isn't it?
    I wasn't even considering it before, now I'll remember it.

    But still once I started somebody can tell me something about those speakers?

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