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Thread: Pod HD500 metal tones

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    Pod HD500 metal tones

    I have read a few people have been unable to find satisfying heavy tones on the hd500.
    I feel its a great unit, the tone may be elusive, but it is there if you are patient.
    I am uploading my preset with a few variations so anyone may use it. No guarantee it will work for you but you may be able to use the hybrid pre/full technique to find what you need.

    there are 4 variatons 2 dialed for emg 707 2 for duncan ahb3. They are all pretty close but there are differences in gain levels

    Patches are called 'Caution treadplate'

    Id love to head some similar or better tones.

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    Thanks for the upload.

    I don't have an HD anymore but would love to hear some clips!

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    I'll give them a download and try them out.

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    Those are basically the same thing but one is with a cab sim on. I don't like the built-in cabs, so i use impulses, but i took my time to make an actual cab version so others could share the fun. I even EQ'd it to sound almost identical to my recorded tone with impulses and all.

    It's an attempt at a Meshuggah type tone. I think it works well. Heard it played through with Fredrik's LACS 7 string with the Lundgren M7 in the bridge, and it sounded pretty awesome, so i'd say it did the job pretty well.

    Beware though, as i made the patch with the input PAD switch engaged. If you run yours without the PAD, it'll have too much gain. You'll just have to dial down the output of the Screamer and adjust the gate or something.

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    Lovely Day For a Guinness by PirateMetalTroy on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    This was recorded with the Treadplate sim, with cabs turned off, then I used redwirez IRs in cubase.
    Dances With Cables.

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    Nice guitar work , tone sounds real. Are you using the treadplate or treadplate pre? A dual amp config or single?

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