what is the best POD for my situation?

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Thread: what is the best POD for my situation?

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    what is the best POD for my situation?

    I'm interested in getting a line 6 POD. . .I live in an apartment and can't even begin to properly use my 5150 amp. I would like to be able to run the POD through my computer and use it that way with headphones or the computer speakers. I'm honestly overwhelmed by the different POD models. What is the newest version of the POD, the HD? And what is the difference between the floorboard pedal version and the small oval shaped unit version? Are they different packages of the same version POD, just the pedal board for using mostly in a live setting and the self contained unit without pedals for using at home with a computer? I'm not new to guitars and amps just to PODs, none of my friends use them and I have never really looked into them until now. . .And there are so many different models I can't begin to make sense of it.

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    You are pretty much spot on. There is the rack, bean, and floor models.

    The bean ones are meant to be sat on a desktop, plugged into the computer or whatever you can and for use with headphones. The rack ones would either be sat in a studio rack, a live rack, or again on a desktop, but they have a lot more connectivity options (XLR, optical etc). The floor ones are built for live use. They do have more connectivity options than the bean, but the form factor is not particularly conducive to being sat on a desktop.

    I've got the HD500 but I tend to use it mostly for effects and as a MIDI controller for my live rig. I have done a little bit with it connected up to my recording rig but I can always get better tones (lead and rhythm anyway) with amps and impulses. The tones in the thing are pretty good though, they are workable and with impulses rather than the inbuilt cab simulations they are pretty cool.

    Otherwise the internals are mostly the same. I think the HD300 and 400 have some limitations, but not enough to worry about.

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