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Thread: NAD: By the Hammer of Thor!

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    NAD: By the Hammer of Thor!

    Some prologue: About 10 days ago I went into the music store in the city as it's closing down and they are liquidating everything. I saw an Ibanez Premium 6 string (the violet finish one) and decided I'd give it a play. The guys at the store plugged me into an amp which I didn't think would be that good but it floored me. The Ibanez played okay but the neck felt a lot rounder with more shoulders than what I'm used to (Side note: pickups were actually decent) but I just couldn't get over how good this amp sounded and yet, I couldn't justify it as I already had a Blackstar HT Club-40 which has been a fantastic amp for me and while the discounted price (at 50% off) was a steal, I just felt too guilty about buying an amp when I have another amp that does the trick.

    Cut to...

    Today I wanted to buy some new acoustic strings to do some recording and I had absolutely no intention of buying an amp. I walked into the music store and all the strings were gone. Almost everything was gone. The store was bare-bones except there were two amps stacked on top of each other.

    Bad news is that it looked like a band of young hardcore metal looking kids wanted to buy it and were crowding around it. I was like "Fuck... don't let those hardcores buy it ". They moved slightly away from it. I swooped and sniped those fuckers!

    Anyway instead of 50% off, I got 70% off the amp and I walked away with this (Excuse the Shitty iPhone pics and the art-work hehe)

    An Engl Thunder 50.

    Seriously, this thing floored me when I tried it at low volumes so I can't wait to let it rip. I still can't get over the price I paid for this. I'm on cloud nine.

    On a side note, Does anyone have any recommended settings for these? I think from reading posts that maybe Shannon had one of these? Any tips for these?

    And Finally...

    I love my new baby

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    Fucking sweet deal man! I think I have to go snooping on-the-way-out music stores now.
    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    I always liked gain on about half, then bass 4, mids 7, treble about 9 or 10. My sound was very geared towards being in a band context though (cutting through with a lower wattage, leaving the bass to the bassist etc).

    If you max the gain on the clean channel, and play with your neck pickup, it can get quite close to an Andy Timmons-style tone too.

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    the amp cuddling pic made me lol

    what do those even sound like? never seen anyone have one before

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    Nice deal! I played one years ago and really liked it. I finally got an ENGL a few months ago and I'm lovin the hell out of it.

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