Help me pick out my 2x12 cabinet

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Thread: Help me pick out my 2x12 cabinet

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    Help me pick out my 2x12 cabinet

    Hello everyone. I'm about to get a 2x12 cab and I have a bunch of options and was wondering what everyone thought.

    Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 $ 400
    Avatar 2x12 For about $480

    I was reading about this company called seismic audio. They have a unloaded cab for 180 shipped and I can get 2 Vintage 30's shipped for 180 also. Which puts me at 360. Common sense tells me to go with the Mesa but I'm down to try new stuff and really I'm bored and putting together a cab would be fun since I'm hurt and off work for awhile.

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    Really as a general rule for those of us that believe in "buy nice or buy twice", the only cabs I personally find appealing are;

    Silverweave Marshalls with Greenbacks

    Mesa is pretty much the gold standard dude. I have a recto 412 and a stiletto 212, no complaints with either.

    That being said, it's a cab. It's hard to fuck up unless you build it with shit materials. There are a bunch of other cabs that are built solidly out of nice wood that sound awesome with the right speakers (which they may or may not come with stock).

    etc. etc. etc.

    Just pick one that's not shit and be done with it. Mesa is a no brainer though, IMO.

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    Avatar's contemporary series is a copy of the Orange designs. Sounds as good.

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    Of course, you could also get an Orange PPC212.

    orange ppc212 Results | Musician's Friend

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    Yea well I've owned a lot of 4x12 cabs in the past and never a 2x12 so it's a different world. I just kind of liked the idea of sort of building it myself. I would like to have a Orange cab but I don't have a ton of money for it. Since its something I really don't need it's hard for me to drop a ton just to have something a little easier to lug around.

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    All the way.

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    Can't go wrong with Mesa

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    I almost bought a Mesa instead of my Zilla, and they're the only cab if have otherwise (other than an Uberkab). Since Zilla is out of the question for you, Mesa
    EDIT: IMO, the Orange's aren't a patch on the Mesa either.


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