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Thread: Chris Poland gear interview

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    Chris Poland gear interview

    [VIDEO]]Chris Poland gear interview 10 23 12 - YouTube[/VIDEO]
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    OH MAN! I remember seeing a video of this guy a long time ago and his tone blew me away. I only recognize him now because of his weird index finger.
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    Yeah, his rig is quite impressive - and it goes without saying that his tone is outstanding.

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    Great interview. I used to be a gear head like that, but man I hated dragging all that crap around. I need simple these days. He should sit down with Cliff at Fractal and have him design all his sounds into the Fractal so one, he doesnt need to drag all that crap around and two, we get access to his sounds/settings.

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    I'm not sure the Axe-FX would do all the extreme spillover stuff that Poland wants. Plus, he's obviously extremely particular about his effects.

    You certainly don't look at him now and think "that guy was in Megadeth."

    Edit: he gets *that* tone out of a Duncan Full Shred? Wow.

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    Man that sounded awesome. I want half the stuff in his rack. Mainly the cheap but awesome stuff.

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    That was cool, thanks for posting. The Lexicon MPX-1 sounds great to me. It's the only thing in my FX loop. I had always envisioned having some towering rack system like Chris's, but I started with the MPX-1, and found I really didn't need anything else.

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    So he gets everything off ebay nice

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