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Thread: My first Mark IV experience....

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    My first Mark IV experience....

    Oh my fucking god....

    I walked into the practice room tonight and saw my guitarist' 4x12 and Dual Rec on the other side of the room, in it's place was a MkIV 1x12 combo with a 1x12 theile cab under it.

    Our drummer is fucking stupid-loud and both guitarist are normally Dual Rec/Stilletto half stacks, right away I was wondering why he'd set up the MkIV, figured there was no way it could match the volume of the other guitarist and our drummer.

    Fuck me I was wrong. That fucking amp is fucking amazing. Those 200 watt EV's can handle some serious volume!

    I spent a good half hour playing through it, I'm beyond in love. The Stilletto's and Dual Rec's sound great, but that MkIV just had a different plays itself.

    Anyone else rockin' a Mark IV?

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    Those amps really are something special. Wish I could own one.

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    Not IV, but new V with IV mode. I know what are you talking about.

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    Ahh, yes, the MkIV

    I played my first one at a GuitarCenter here in Toledo. Played it through some old Marshall 4x12.

    There's no going back. Got myself a TriAxis for the flexibility, but may trade out my DC-10 someday for a real MkIV.

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    For me it was love at first play, too. The lead channel, with either no EQ or a slight upper mid boost, is just soloing heaven. My Roadster gets me about 98% of the way there with a little more grit and presence, but I wouldn't mind owning a IV as well.
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    indeed i loved my mk V and the mk iv mode on it was the best thing about it!

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    Wirelessly posted

    My only experience with one is the model in the axe fx standard. Between the high gain patches, i prefer it over the recto models.
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    Great amp. More fun than a Recto when playing alone, although I think I prefer the Recto attack and punch in a band.
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