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Thread: Not digging the 6505+

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    Not digging the 6505+

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    I agree. Had one and traded it, didn't get on with it at all.

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    you did wrong!

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    the pre and post setup is just gain and volume - not sure what's not to like about it?

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    The pre is the gain. Put it on 6 for a nice thick and clear sound. The post is the volume.

    If you like a more classic sounding tone use the green channel crunch mode.

    Most of all make sure to use it with a good cab. Celestion V30s are the go to for the majority of individuals and recording studios. That orange you mentioned will sound great if it's the V30 loaded one. The speaker cab is a very large amount of the tone.

    The stock Ruby tubes actually sound pretty nice.

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    Dude, liking a Valveking over a 6505 is like like glass in your mouth over beer. The 6505 was probably biased badly. I noticed recently that every one ive played in a store is biased as cold as they can go, which is not how they should be run. I bet if you had been able to run this with the bias all the way up, you would have loved it.
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