NPUD! Acoustic pickup, that is.

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Thread: NPUD! Acoustic pickup, that is.

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    NPUD! Acoustic pickup, that is.

    Well, not that new. Had it for a few weeks but finally got around to recording a clip.
    Got a Martin Thinline 332 acoustic pickup and slapped it in my cheap Guitar Center special Washburn WD12S. It's a passive pickup so you have to use a pre with it. Probably wouldn't hurt to use a compressor with it to make the sound a bit more even across the strings. But for $50, I'm not really complaining.
    Pretty easy to install other than getting my arm stuck in the sound hole and having to call Beth in to help me get my arm out.

    Anyway, here's a little clip of it recorded direct. The signal chain is: Guitar > Lexicon Alpha recording interface > webcam software. No other processing was done. And excuse the sloppy playing. A couple of dead notes here and there. Had a few beers and haven't played this song in like 15 years.

    [VIDEO]]Acoustic pickup demo - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    The next step is taking it out to work and trying it out direct into the big ass pa.

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    That sounds pretty good!

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