Fender Bassman 50-Loudest 50 watts I've ever heard

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Thread: Fender Bassman 50-Loudest 50 watts I've ever heard

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    Fender Bassman 50-Loudest 50 watts I've ever heard

    Hello, just wanted to share a pic of one of my setups I just got going. My grandpa gave me this head after it sat in house house "he was a animal horder" years of cat shit on it. Nasty I know. Cleaned up as best as I could and had a tech in town look at it and works awesome now. I'm gonna re do the cabinet and get a custom silver face plate made with his name on it. My grandpa played guitar with tons of country music legends back in his day. bob wills and the texas playboys and some other older players. Now it's gonna be one of my side rigs to play with.

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    What are the knobs, "loud" and "louder"?

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    I had one of the same vintage - 1968-69 since its a silverface with the aluminum (drip edge) trim around the grill. Not my fav choice of an old fender but still a better clean than most other amps. I now have a 69 bandmaster reverb with the matching 2x12 and I love the added versatility of the mid, reverb, speed and intensity circuits on it. It basically a super reverb amp but in a head/cab for - 40 watt 2x6l6 4x12ax7 2x12at7 plus it has the gz34 tube rectifier instead of the bassmans solid state one. Mine starts to break up alittle after 4 and I can't decide if I like that or not. Its great that it can easily get the one of a kind cranked fender tuba amp tone but I also wish it had alittle more head room. Love turning it up to 10 and just turning down my guitars volume knob to get it to clean up. Have fun. Should react to pedals pretty nicely.

    Ps - I also have a black "blue doo doo" vintage 30 cab, can't beat them for the money.
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    Dude, I would love to have any vintage fender amp. That looks great, minus the cat shit.

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    I also got a 81 Fender Vibrolux Reverb that's in way better shape. Good country twang to it.

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