Potential request for assistance from one of you 'Muricans.

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Thread: Potential request for assistance from one of you 'Muricans.

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    Potential request for assistance from one of you 'Muricans.

    Relating to my recent purchase of the pink FRED from Andy (cheers dude!), I'm after a yellow and a green cover for two railed Dimarzio singlecoils - i.e. one of each of these:

    However, I'm having a hell of a time finding anywhere I can buy them from over here. Area 51 Customs say they stock them (Area51customs: Coloured DiMarzio Pickups Covers UK), but haven't replied to my email. The main Dimarzio distributor over here haven't replied either, but I only emailed them the other day, hence still describing this as a potential request.

    If I don't hear back from them, I was wondering if any of you kind folks over in the US might be able to do me a huge favour and buy the relevant covers from banjomikez on Ebay (or anywhere else you know that might be cheaper!) before shipping them to me. I would obviously cover all costs...

    Appreciate it's a long shot, but I'm fairly keen to get fr00ted and booted, and can't see another option at the moment!

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    I seem to remember that someone else was looking for these too, I think it was Stitch. Maybe he can help...

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    I'm not sure what shipping's like if you're in the states, but I just took a look and can get them shipped to my house for about $5 each if you're interested man

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    Get in touch with Jaden Rose mate, he's a Dimarzio dealer, he'll order them in for you ;-)

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    Sorry fellas, haven't had a chance to reply, but thanks for your input. Lyle, just shot Jaden a message - I have a feeling it might be rather too piddly an order to be worth his while, but no harm in trying I suppose! Thanks for the suggestion.

    Otherwise, think a friend who's living out in Brooklyn at the moment might be able to hook me up the long-winded route, but will wait and see. If it was Stitch who was after something similar that's kinda entertaining - he very kindly offered to sell me the six-pole singlecoil covers he's got, but I'm rather fond of the railed set-up I've been running for a few years.

    Turns out that there are a few obstacles to being terribly distasteful - should probably take the hint...

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    I have created a monster!!!

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    Small update for anyone who might be interested - I got an email back from these folks, asking me to call them today: DiMarzio uk custom shop

    I did, and had a long chat with a bloke called Steve Wright, who was an absolute gent. Was actually polite enough to feign interest in whatever the hell I needed one yellow and one green cover for, and explained in very helpful detail how to get the old covers off.

    Even better, after a long chat, he said he'd put one of each in the post for me, to save having to order a 3-pack of each colour from a Dimarzio stockist. Only stipulation was that I had to send him 'something interesting from the world of paint' (I work in a paint shop) in return. Brilliant. He may well have been taking the piss, but the second those covers arrive I'm working out what the hell to post back.

    TL;DR - if you've got any Dimarzio queries in the UK, speak to Steve at dimarzio.co.uk - top bloke!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lozek View Post
    I have created a monster!!!
    Haha, I wish I could pin that entirely on you, but I think you merely acted as the catalyst to the unleashing of my inherent tastelessness! To be honest, I'm very grateful for it.

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