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Thread: Standalone convolution box?

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    Standalone convolution box?

    Anyone know of a standalone MIDI-capable device for doing convolution/IR?
    Preferably a compact one, though a 19" thingy will do as well.

    I have everything else needed but this, and I'm getting tired (broke) of shopping used gear with build-in emulations, only to painstakingly face that this too didn't work
    My 1101 sounds like ½crap due to the crappy laptop codec they chose to handle AD/DA. Can't afford stepping over to a Fractal or KPA.

    My Lexicon MPX G2 is the closest I've gotten to useful filtering - it's actually pretty good, but as this is still done using ordinary filters, the time domain isn't part of the filtering, and as such it lack the real vibe shizzle.
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    If you're talking about cab sims and such....

    Don't worry about people talking behind your back, it just means you're one step ahead and they're in perfect position to kiss your ass!

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    Ahh yes, the torpedo.. had forgotten about those.
    I need it in stereo, and the VM-202 is damn expensive.
    Torpedo VM-202 | Two Notes Audio Engineering

    However, they also have the Torpedo CAB:
    Torpedo C.A.B. | Two Notes Audio Engineering

    This one is more affordable, and the name is slightly misleading, as it actually contains amp modeling along with cabs, mics, placement and some EQ. Plus of course it'll load 3rd party IR's.
    Check the manual, looks quite well-featured.

    Now, it's mono, bad for me. Or is it? Noone says it can't be hooked in between preamps and effects devices, but I've never tried running my effects behind amp/cabs/mics, so I have no idea as to how this might work out.
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    For convolution, I use Matlab, but I have more than just Matlab on that box.

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