So I've decided to get a new tube amp... opinions wanted..

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Thread: So I've decided to get a new tube amp... opinions wanted..

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    So I've decided to get a new tube amp... opinions wanted..

    Hi all,

    I've decided I want a tube amp rather than going digital.

    I'm having trouble deciding what to get. (I can feel my wallet starting to burn already )

    I'm thinking either; Orange rockerverb 100 mkii, EVH 5150 III HD or wait for a Randall Thrasher...

    I have a Maxon OD808 for a booster to get blistering gain tones already.

    I want the amp to have a nice clean channel and a heart wrenching high gain channel also...

    What are your thoughts and recommendations on these amps and what I want from them? Also if you know of a better suited amp I'm all ears.

    Thanks for your input in advance



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    The 5150 III and orange are both tube amps. That's where the similarities end. Totally different sounds.. I love both. For metal the EVH is probably better. Anyone who seems to use one falls in love with them... Loomis is actually using one now I believe. I love my Egnater+Green Rhino, it sounds so damn mean.

    Orange amps are more used for stoner/doom metal. Also there's always the ENGL thunder 50

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    Everyone should own some flavor of 5150 IMO.

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    As good sounding and versatile as the 5150III sounds, I still think the raw, visceral attack of the original will always be the quintessential 5150 sound.
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    5150 III and no boost.
    Engl Fireball 100
    Marshall 2203KK
    Peavey JSX
    Mesa Single Recto
    Soldano Avenger
    Peavey 6505
    VHT Pittbull UL
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    Laney GH50L
    Mesa 4x12
    Krank 4x12
    Randall 2x12

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    So I've decided to get a new tube amp... opinions wanted..

    My preference is the EVH over a Peavey version of the 5150 (although both are awesome, the EVH is my kind of awesome).

    There's a multitude of amps you could look at. You say to suggest what would be better suited, but better suited to what? If you played old school death metal you could be better off with a Marshall 8100 or Ampeg VH140C than a lot of tube amps. If you play doom, the Orange or Sovteks would be much better than a 5150 variant for the style. If you plan to play thrash, you might be better off with an old JCM800 boosted.

    Give us an idea of the type of tone you are after, and we'll work from there.

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    The EVH looks the goods I'm thinking. Would the 50w version be enough to run 2 4x12 8ohm mono. Cabs or would the 100w be a better option?

    Cheers for your help!

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