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Thread: Belated NPD: Unexpected parting gift

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    Belated NPD: Unexpected parting gift

    Finally had the time to post this.

    I recently left Australia to go on tour in US. And it turns out one of my newly found closest friends was going to leave AU to Japan then Canada until December. He's one of the coolest friends I knew and he decided to give me a parting gift:

    It turns out that after getting an AxeFx, he didn't need this anymore and has been trying to offload it to somebody. I accepted the gift and look at it with sentiment. My friend is not only an awesome dude, but he also happens to have worked with ESP and Greco Craft Houses and had built guitars for big Japanese stars like Buck Tick. I promised that one day I'll take him on board as a guitar tech and help him with his own musical projects when I can. Until then, I'll remember him whenever I look down on my board:

    As for the pedal itself, I can see why a lot of players rate this highly. As a long time NS-2 user, this thing is extremely sensitive with settings and it took a bit of time to get used to it. I'm still tweaking it depending on the venues, but so far so good.

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    Awesome friend you've got there

    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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    Your friend is a champ! Congrats man.
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    The best noise suppressor ever. Congrats buddy.

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