On my latest head-cuttin' extravaganza, the right speaker belongs to Atlanta's Derrick "Hott Soss" Cummings, who, aside from being a bad-ass in his own right, is also lead guitarist for soul legend Patti LaBelle. Derrick reached out to me via Facebook and i immediately got to work on a track for us to burn rubber on. We even do a little harmonizin' together. Thanks Derrick!

I played my custom Strat thru the AFX2, mostly using preset #99, the 'brown' setting, with various Fractal effects in the chain (master fuzz, octave fuzz, synth, etc).

As alway,s the guest soloist is panned to the right speaker, and my solos are on the left.


Thanks for listening....if you do, in fact, listen!

Here's Hott Soss with his talented girlfriend Jesselah: [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39fhHuGmwgg&sns=em]"Afterlife" by Hott Soss & Jesselah - Official Music Video - YouTube[/VIDEO]