Just got a Jackson DKMGT Dinky, looking for amp advice

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Thread: Just got a Jackson DKMGT Dinky, looking for amp advice

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    Just got a Jackson DKMGT Dinky, looking for amp advice

    I just got a Jackson DKMGT Dinky with EMG 81/85 active pickups. It sounds alright through my amp but could sound a lot better I know. Currently running it through a small solid state Rocktron combo amp, 50w with 2 small speakers, 8" or maybe 6".

    I'm looking at maybe getting a Fender Champ 12 1x12 combo tube amp, I've heard EMG's sound a lot better through a tube amp. But for the same amount of money ($300), I know I could get a pretty decent solid state amp. Not doing any shows at this point or anything, just for practicing.

    Let me know what you guys think, thanks. Good to join the forum.


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    What kind of stuff do you play? I could be wrong as I'm an amp noon but fenders have good cleans but aren't as well known for metal. Champ owners Please chip in if I'm talking out my @rse

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    Well I just got this guitar last week, after a 5 year break from playing electric guitar. Have always played a lot of blues, metal, post-rock, but I got this Jackson because I really want to focus on metal. What specific type I don't really know, I like Job For A Cowboy, Unearth, a lot of black metal and death metal too. But I want something that won't sound bad clean or for other styles either, like I said I'm not performing with it or a professional by any means, just want to get the best for my money.

    Wondering if it might be better to put my money toward a cheaper solid state amp and cabinet.. the reason why I brought up the Fender was because a local shop where I live has it for sale and they allow payments. They've also got a VHT Special 6 tube amp for a little less money. As far as solid state they have a couple amp head and cab packages for around $500 or $600 but I don't remember what make they were. A little more than what I wanted to spend but I just want something that will sound good. Going back there tomorrow to look at amps some more.

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    If you're going to spend upwards of $500 you might as well get a tube amp. Hell anything more than 400 you should look for a tube amp

    Based on the bands you mentioned, you probably want a Peavey 6505, XXX, or 3120, but you will need to find a cabinet or look for a combo version. Since you said you're just playing at home, consider looking for a used 6505+ or XXX combo... that is if you're staying around $300+/- Though if it were me I'd save up a bit more and find the right head and 112 or 212 cab to pair it with, in case you want to move it around and jam (combos can get heavy).
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    Thanks for your advice. I'm going to take a look again tomorrow and write down model numbers so I have an idea of what I can get for my money. I'll post my findings tomorrow.

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    Peavey make a 60 watt 1x12 version of the 6505+ will be much more portable than head and cab or the 120 watt combo. It's quite well priced too, and might sound better at bedroom volume without upsetting the neighbours. It should be loud enough for keeping up with a drummer too.

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    You definitely dont want a champ or vht special for playing metal.

    As has already been recommended i would look for a variant of the 5150 most likely on ebay.
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    Those champs are the last thing you want to buy. I sold a lot of those, and they're fine for blues in the bedroom, but thats about it.

    the 60w 5150 or even a jet city jca22 would do you much better. but are in that viable but more than you want to spend category.

    You can get the jet city jca20 (same thing but one channel, without as much gain) for like 200-250 used all day long from guitar center, and pair it up with a good boost or a distortion and you'd be good to go

    edit: be forewarned, the 5150s (as most tube amps, especially once you get over 20 watts, but all the way down to 5 or less even) are fucking obnoxiously loud. Tube amps are loud, and don't like to not be loud. There are some that sound good quiet, but in general, if youre in a 3rd floor apartment or something, you do not want the t00bs.
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