Thanks to me being another year closer to death I'm now the owner of an FCB1010 and soon to be the owner of an Eminence Swamp Thang (bloody post delays).

The FCB will be set up to give me more complete control over my rig, rather than the simple scrolling through presets I've had with the G Minor. The bottom row of pedals will be set of patch changes on the G Major & 5150, the top row for patch changes on my Whammy pedal when I fix it and the expression pedals will be one as a volume on the G Major (since the signal is always passing through it) and the other for the Whammy. Either pedal 5 or 10 will be set up for a tuner mute, I just need to work out how many patches I need.

The Swamp Thang will be going in a self built 1x12 cab I'll be making soon, so I've got a mini rig for jamming/bedroom use as well as the 3x12 for rehearsals and gigs.

No pictures, you all know what an FCB1010 and a speaker look like.