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Thread: NPD! (yes, pics)

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    NPD! (yes, pics)

    Already have this for over a week, but as I am moving to a new house (NHD picstory soon...) I don't even find the time to upload pics form my mobile to the computer anymore...but anyway, better late than never.

    What is best in life?

    To come home, see a package laid before you

    Kill it.

    ..and take out the guts!

    Be triumphant over your enemy! Glorify the prey!

    Find your next enemy!
    Aaah, here is one I remember....feared this one was once...especcially since the "808-specs-mod"...old and weak this one is now....easy to defeat...

    Take the throne of your enemy!

    And hear the lamentations ov thee bandmates! Because the LED OV CHAOS melts their eyes!!

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    NPD! (yes, pics)


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    Thanks again Christian! I really, REALLY dig it.

    Since I first joined 5 years ago, these were allover and I always thought: "Man, I am missing all the fun"...and yes, I did. Changing from the TS7-808 to the BM was strange at first, the BM really is LOUDER and at the same time is much much clearer and more direct than the TS ever was. A/B-ing showed how compressed my TS really is...

    ..which means - I have to practice more, every little failure is heard again.

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    Do you know what time it is? It's time to FARK SHEET ARRRRRP!!

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    I wish I hadn't gotten rid of mine, that is a heck of a pedal.

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    Nice pic story lol, I find funnier because you live in Austria.

    How do you like the D2? Who is your power amp and what does he do?

    "The most important thing I look for in a musician is whether he knows how to listen." -Duke Ellington

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    Can someone fill me in on the details? I know it's an overdrive but I didn't realize it was so sought after. What makes it so rad? Congratulations, by the way.
    Ibanez RG2228, RGD2127Z, RGA121 // Fractal Audio AxeFX II // Avatar V30 2x12

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wookieslayer View Post
    How do you like the D2? Who is your power amp and what does he do?
    the D2 is not connected - Its my "emergency-backup". If there should be a problem with my rig at a gig (or we are forced to use shitty backline amps), i can just plug the D2 in direct.

    So, actually, after I bought it, I messed with it for 2 hours or so, put it on the pedalbaord, and never touched it again (besides using it once direct for our Bassist, when a backline basscab broke down - that was actually a pretty awesome sound).

    Until now, Herbert never failed me. Tough, with tubes, you never know. I did try it in the rehearsal room over the PA, and it sounded "good". Useful for High Gain applications in a live setting, and I would play a gig with it without hesitation. It's a bit on the shrill side (you can dial the treble-buzzsaw out, but you lose all attack then also). The built in 412 sim might be one of its biggest problems - I got me in addition a Behringer DI G100, that has a built in cab-sim also - and this one sounds MUCH better (yeah, I shit you not - a Behringer sounds GOOD). So if you can cough up the additional 30,- for the DI you get a pretty huge soundupgrade. OR, if you intend to use the D2 not in a direct setting, but with a good poweramp and a real cab, it will win. This is really where it shines. I did try it through my Diezels poweramp when I bought it, and yeah, that was pretty cool.

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