4x12 metal grill or cloth?

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Thread: 4x12 metal grill or cloth?

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    4x12 metal grill or cloth?

    Hi all.

    Just wondering peoples opinions.

    Im making a 4x12 cab and Im stuck on what to use for a grill... Im thinking either mojotones black matrix grill cloth or a Randall style metal grill. The speakers Im using are 2 V30's and 2 G12K-100's celestions. Whould there be much tone difference between the black matrix and the steel grill? Has any had any experience with either or both. What are your opinions and recomendations?

    Cheers for your info!


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    Personally i'd go for cloth. Easier to fit and no chance of rattling (unlike steel) when those heavy lows rumble if you dont get the damping right.

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    The one nice thing about the metal grille is that you can see the speakers well, so it is a bit easier to mic it up correctly. However, nothing a flashlight can't fix if you have cloth.

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    Cool! Black matrix it is! Cheers for the info!

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