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Thread: I just got a POD HD400!

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    I just got a POD HD400!

    On my birthday last month i finally turned 21 and got enough money to order a used POD HD400(Like brand new). I wanted it so badly because the quality of Guitar Rig(The VST) is terrible and frustrating.The damn thing took almost three weeks to come in. And when it finally came in, it was the one of the most disappointing things that I have ever experienced.

    First off, it DOES sound better then Guitar Rig. I was happy with that for the first hour of tinkering with. But when i decided to actual plug it into my computer to mess with the tone more and get firmware updates, I discovered that I can't control exactly what I want. It is very limiting. Say if you wanted to use a tube screamer and a compressor in your rig, well...you can't. You have to choose one or the other. That is only in the first fx block. If you wanted an ambient type tone with tones of modulations, well...you can't. You can only use one modulation at a time. The last tone block is delays. Want more then one delay? You can't. There is a also a block only for ONE noise gate(Thank god)! If there wasn't, getting a somewhat decent tight tone would be impossible with this thing. There are other blocks for reverb and whammy, but i don't care about those.

    The only upside I enjoyed about this pedal is the loop section is useful for trying out solos, playing with the preset ambient tones, and the presets that make your guitar sound like a dub-step wobble(It would be really fun to be able to use an expression pedal so you can control the speed of the metallicy harmonic characteristics of the modulating wobbles).

    The cool ambient and dub-step type tones don't cut it for me, I instantly wanted to take this pedal back the same day I received it. But i decided to wait a few days for my friend's band practice and let them try it out. I knew the stock presets that came with it suck, but they just sound god awful through a PA. Also, on the subject of presets again, Say if you have decent metal tone with a screamer, amp/cab, noise gate. And you want to just change only the amp head. You can't. The whole preset changes. You can change the cab, but not the head, so then you have to redial in your tone. Thats not even the icing of the cake, you don't have to tell the preset to save after any changes and it will automatically save it for you! Even if you don't like what you did and wanted to go back to what you had in the first place. You either have to turn the pedal off or tell it to send the preset back, instead of clicking a different preset, and then click back to the one you were just on.

    I've been told to just get the pod hd desktop, but after playing at my friends band practice, i might just say fuck line 6. I never enjoyed their products in the first place, and I thought this "new technology" they said the remade everything would be better. Sorry for the long rant,I just wanted to give you guys my experience I had with this pedal I had for a few days. I plan on selling it back, and just wait long enough to get an Axe-Fx.

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    That really sucks.

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    Hmmm. My experience of Pods is only with the XT range, but having used an XT Live for many, many years I find it very hard to believe that they would have removed all those functionalities for the HD range! Particularly on the TS/compressor front, the inability to change heads and the automatic saving of presets.

    Have you read through the user manual? Manuals | Line 6

    As I say, I haven't used the HD400, so what you say might well be right; that would just strike me as particularly strange given that everything you mentioned conflicts with my experience of the much older XT Live!

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    I'm a big L6 hater too.
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    I haven't gone through the manual, but I honestly don't want to, but I'll check it out later at home. Theres no preference setting and no right clicking with the software editing(with my mac). If I'm wrong, about everything then they are terrible at making a user friendly interfaces. But I'm pretty good at figuring out software/hardware that have learning curves. I tried everything and there aren't many options to do anything, I'm pretty positive that this processor is very limiting.

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    I've had my HD bean for about two years and I've found over all its OK. Very difficult to work, and the edit software/firmware update system is total shit (I still haven't figured out how to update the damn thing). Given all that, it's a nice tool for practicing and recording. It sounds pretty good recorded for just about any tone, though it sounds like shit for live stuff compared to my actual rig and when I try to run it through my head for effects it colors the tone in a really bad way...
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    Damn, i was hoping the bean could do both live an recording fine. But I don't think I'm going to even bother with line 6 anymore. :/

    Guitar Rig is fine, may not sound as great but i got it for free. I may just get a refund for the 400 and try to get a camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ixijmackixi View Post
    I haven't gone through the manual, but I honestly don't want to
    Quote Originally Posted by ixijmackixi View Post
    I tried everything and there aren't many options to do anything, I'm pretty positive that this processor is very limiting.
    So rather than actually find out if the unit can do something, you'd rather decide it can't, deride it, then complain about it? You are not "pretty positive it is limiting" until you have cracked the manual and determined that is so, and you haven't "tried everything"; you have tried the things that you decided should work.

    I'm no Line 6 fan, and what you are claiming might well be the case; I don't know much about the HD line, or that model in particular. But to get cranky about it and then refuse to actually do what is necessary to fix it is just silly.

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