How many are playing death metal/metalcore, and what gear?

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Thread: How many are playing death metal/metalcore, and what gear?

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    How many are playing death metal/metalcore, and what gear?

    What strings are you using? How are you tuned? What pickups are you running? Amp/pedal combination?
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    I'm not currently, but have in the past. Way past... but still... haha.

    I generally used DR Medium High Beams. I almost always tuned standard but a step lower (D). No pedals. 5150 did all the work. Always 6 strings. Always EMG 81's.

    If I were doing that today, I'd be looser on the pickup choice (EMG 60's or 57/66 or Duncan 59/Custom in the bridge) and the strings would be D'Addario XL 10's with a wound G. Other than that, It'd still be the 5150 with no pedals. No extra strings. I am just sort of set in my ways that way. haha.

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    I don't know what you call my band, but it's in the heavy realm.

    I use Carvin CT4Ts (mahogany w/maple tops, either maple or ebony fretboards, jumbo stainless frets) with either Duncan Alt8/Pearly Gates sets, or Smit's Handwound Guitar Pickups Dirty Boy/Boosted Classic sets. Ampwise, I record with a Fryette (formerly VHT) Deliverance 120, but use a Fryette SIG X live, with a Dunlop rack wah and Dunlop Carbon Copy delay in the loop. Fryette D412 cab with P50Es.

    Strings are Dunlop Heavy Core: .12s for Drop C (band stuff), .11s for standard. Dunlop Ultex Sharps, 2.0mm, until they get their heads out of their asses and make an Ultex Jazz III XL.

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    I've been playing death metal and melodic death metal latelly.

    The gear i use goes something like this:

    Guitar ----> tc electronic polytune--> digitech cm-2 hardwire (true bypass, i love this pedal)--> boss ns-2-->peavey 6505+ head-->mesa boogie standard (oversized) 412.

    Guitars that use for this kind of music:

    - Ibanez rg1570 prestige (with a SD ahb-1 blackout in the neck and a SD ahb-2 blackout metal in the bridge, with elixir strings (0,012-0,052) tuned in C)
    - Gibson les paul studio 98 (sounds pretty cool to play Opeth, amon amarth, etc, tuned in standard (E) and sometimes drop D, with elixir strings (0,010-0,052)
    - Dean rc7x (stock, with elixir strings)

    Soon, maybe this week, i'll add an ibanez rga420z prestige, to use it in D with Elixir's (0,012-0,052).

    And that's, i'm pretty happy with this rig.

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    Ibanez sz with 81 & 85, true bypass pedal tuner, 2 channel rev g Dual Rectifier, Marshall 1960a cab.

    Ernie Ball beefy slinky 11-54

    I'd like to pick up a few more pedals. Delay, Noise Suppressor, etc. when cash isn't as tight.

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    Metalcore? Depending, I'd say: 6505+(obviously your 5150 will do more than fine)>tube screamer(TS9)> noise suppressor(ISP Decimator)> EMGs(81/85). That's the setup for: shadows fall, all that remains, as I lay dying. I had that setup for a while, and it will be tight, and singe the hair off of your balls. You just gotta make sure not to use too much gain. EMGs are up to you, otherwise JB or Duncan distortion. Strings, elixir. They last. And last. And last. Tuning: CGCFAD on an Ibanez S2170, DGCFAD Schecter C1 Professional. Pick: Dunlop Eric Johnson, or tortex jazz 3.
    What bands sound are you going for?
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    Progressive Deathcore over here.

    7-string (RG7321) tuned to Drop Ab (Ab-Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb). String are D'Addario, gauges are 11-14-19-32-44-56-62 (basically an 11-56 set with a 62). Pickups are Bareknuckle Cold Sweats (phenomenal sound in any 25.5'' basswood guitar. The RG7321 is my best sounding guitar by far, and it's because of these pickups). I'm using an AxeFX II but tried a Dual Rec at practice the other day (it wasn't mine) and although a bit bassy it still got the job done well.
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    Ibanez RG2228, RGD2127Z, RGA121 // Fractal Audio AxeFX II // Avatar V30 2x12

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    Carvin DC800, Bareknucle Warpig(must have for DM), d'addario 80+62+46-09, F# Standard
    Mesa Dual Recto into 2 2x12 mesa cabs, v30 mixed with swamp thangs.

    It sounds fucking all kinds of brutal. Its beautiful and deafning.
    Confront and Cry

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