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    NGD: bringing the thunder

    This is part A. I'm meeting my buddy to get a loaner bass and another piece of the rig, I'll add that picture tomorrow. Then the bass itself on the 25th.

    So for those who've been following along, I've been hired to play bass live for a pop project called Orianna. Essentially it's a teenage female vocalist whose father owns a large company and is financing her musical dream. This works out for those of us being hired to make that happen. The music is pop-based folk/rock (acoustic guitars, piano).

    I've got a Gio soundgear right now in minor disrepair, and my friend is lending me his Warwick Corvette Rockbass 4 until I can get my own.

    I was in Toronto for a different forum meetup, and we stopped in at 12th fret (The Twelfth Fret Guitarists' Pro Shop, Toronto Canada | Serving Musicians Worldwide). I had PM'd Josh about bass rig advice, and one of the amps he suggested was the Gallien-Krueger MB500.

    Well, I didn't know they were $499 brand new. I figure since I'm in overtime season at my main job, and I will be getting paid gigs (already got one in April), let's get the party started.

    (yes it's a facebook pic, sorry)

    500W class D at 4 ohms, wide EQ scope, footswitchable boost (and it came with said switch which I didn't know), DI out and headphone/line out. Compact size - I'm thinking get a rack unit and put an LED strip on the other side. Blinky lights = tone!

    My first rehearsal is next Sunday, looking forward to it!
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    Nice I think you mentioned getting a 1x15 cab? I personally prefer 10" speakers for bass, or a combination (2x10 + 1x15 = sexy) but that should be an ass kicker of a setup, especially for the style.

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    Quenneville's eden 115 then i'll get a 210 to put on top later. Its gonna be sweet.

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    Be really careful with that combination; those Eden 115s are not capable of eating a lot of power. The ratings on them on Eden's website are EXTREMELY optimistic.

    If you need an affordable, loud, efficient, lightweight, and modern cab, look into the Genz-Benz Focus series. The 410 is $600, weighs only 65 lbs., and sounds pretty good.
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    410 you say? You have my attention. The eden would see 250w on its own

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