Does anyone have any iso cab/acoustic treatment knowledge?

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Thread: Does anyone have any iso cab/acoustic treatment knowledge?

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    Does anyone have any iso cab/acoustic treatment knowledge?

    Sunday morning contemplations of something I'll probably never end up doing.

    Everything I'm reading about isolation cabinets says they still sound boxy no matter what the acoustic treatment inside. I'm wondering if it's big enough and packed with a ton of absorbent stuff maybe it could work well?

    What I'm thinking is a box big enough to work as a setup bench base, so the box has a larger bench top bolted on top, extending out the front for leg clearance. Maybe made of 1" thick MDF, maybe a box in a box kind of thing, maybe ported ala the Rivera iso cab. This kind of size anyway -

    I don't really know much about acoustic treatment, and haven't ever used an isolation cabinet, so I'm just throwing ideas around. Any thoughts?

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    Forgot to point out that the rectangle in the middle is a door/access panel.

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    heres my suggestion -

    dont make it a cube - the slanted baffle inside is a good idea, however i would also offset any parallel walls

    second thing and I think this might help with the boxy stuff - is to port it into internal chambers

    - alot of iso cab recordings I have heard sound weird - like an overly damped kick drum - I'm not sure why.

    You've got me thinking about this to be honest.....

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    I think that kick drum thing is related to size and sealed air pressure. I might have to get you to take pics of the Rivera when you get it to properly understand how they've done the porting on it.

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    How quiet do you need it to be?
    I spent about $1500 on a custom triple-driver ISO cab, and I have owned several branded ones too.
    Here's a post I made when I got it: Isolation cab - up to three 12" drivers, double-skinned in Oak

    If you think about it, getting the mic close to the driver is the main thing.

    The Randall one sounded OK, but leaked so much sound, and was big.
    my thought was:
    (A) if it's big enough, use more than one driver & mic pair (could fit 2 mics per driver if you like)
    (B) you don't need a full mini cab, just mount the driver with the mic right in front

    My big tip is: all ISO cabs seem to need a multi band compressor with a slight scoop on the levels

    I would sell this ISO cab now btw if someone in the UK wants it, I no longer need it since I no longer need it to placate neighbours
    mainly play laid back, but sometimes get nostalgic and play a bit more metally

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    Iiiiiiinteresting, especially the 'floating' drivers... have to think on this

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    I built one a few years ago loosely based on this:

    Mike Ralph's DIY Iso Box

    here are some pictures...

    I am pleased with the results.... some folks may find the tone off but that's the case with pretty much anything I guess.... this clip is a few years old but its a 5150II and a JVM 205 H with a TS9 in the front end and a BOSS NS2 recorded with an SM-57.

    I haven't done anything recently because all my computer stuff / interface is obsolete but once I get that sorted out I'm planning on using the cab again.

    There's a hole in the back so I can hook up the heads while the thing's closed.
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