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    computer recording

    I'm getting close to being ready to do some recording. Since I have a 6505 instead of the hassle of buying a decent mic and all I'm thinking of getting one of those usb adapters that you can connect your guitar to the computer. Has anyone ever used amplitube or the peavey revolver software? how does it compare, how are the high gain tones?

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    I use the amplitube metal pack, and while most of the presets are unusable I can get some sweet tones after some tweaking. Not amazing, but passable.
    Also, don't get one of those USB adapter cable things. Just get a decent interface, such as an m-box or similar.
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    If you're ever wishing to do something in a serious/professional capacity, don't. If you're just doing it to jot ideas down and make demos, then go for it.
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    how about a usb mixer will that work?

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    for amp sim id suggest tse x50. best 5150 vst imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdolecek View Post
    how about a usb mixer will that work?
    I wouldn't bother with a "usb mixer," exactly, but there are plenty of great, affordable USB-based recording interfaces on the market that will let you record a couple channels at a time. I've had good uck with the M-Audio firewire based stuff, and I'll assume their USB stuff is just as good - theyc ontain mic preamps so if you ever want to record with a mic you have the option, but you can also use them as line- or instrument level DIs.
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