Ola where's satan?

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Thread: Ola where's satan?

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    Ola where's satan?

    I saw the Facebook post saying get ready. Lol when and how much. So I don't blow all my money before it comes out. Help me out. Lol
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    Randall told me the Thrasher will be out sometime in summer to late summer... same time frame for the Satan... I hope sooner?

    What are the main difference in the sound between them?

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    you mean this? Well the first production model is being unveiled in two weeks at the Frankfurt Musikmesse. And I have no idea about price or time frame but as Wizard said it's probably starting to ship in june.

    The difference between Thrasher and Satan is that the satan has:

    - Low and Hi Frequency gain(Girth and Grind) knobs have bigger range
    - More overall gain
    - A Sweep knob, perfect for dialing in a honky cab or getting more tonal options(since the sweep works on all tonestacks) etc.
    - Tonestacks that are made for my liking
    - An even more pissed off sound

    And then the less important stuff but oh so awesome
    - Black tolex(Thrasher has a hard shell rough finish)
    - Black Randall logo and a more classic look to it
    - It's called Satan. SATAN!!!

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    As a long-time Randall fan...

    This is delicious.

    Also, I hope we get more vids of the Diavlo series and the RG series. I'm dying for an RG3003 and Lasse Lammert's video just sounded amazing.

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    all the ones I've played have sounded killer, even the pedal with a boost in front is super awesome!

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    i remember you saying awhile back because of copyright you couldn't call it 'satan'?

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    Damn, IF they keep the name / logo like that with the SATAN using lambdas, it will be even more bad ass... and hopefully it will fix the copyright issue mentioned some time back.

    I'm so stoked for the new line up... I guess you could say I'm a fan

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    Oh I know you're a fan, too.

    And I'd be surprised if they were forced to change the name so late in development.

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